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Skin Care

"When you look good, you feel good , The wisdom of Ayurveda opens the door to the actual source of life, the source of all order and harmony, and thus, to natural beauty. "

Not only, is great emphasis placed on the naturalness of everything used for care, but also, to the realization that true beauty comes from within, and begins with consciousness. True beauty is the expression of a noble mind, it depends on our feelings and thoughts, which shape not only our personality, but also our bodies.

Our senses, the windows of consciousness, can be opened to greater internal order and clarity by sounds, massage, color and shape, balancing fragrances, and Ayurvedic type based diet. Yoga, meditation, and other Vedic technologies of consciousness, enable us to contact the innermost qualities of awareness, and are the fundamental prerequisites for cell rejuvenation and beauty. For external beauty care, Ayurveda uses organic natural oils, high quality essential oils, along with extracts from precious medicinal plants, combined according to original recipes. The exceptional Narayani Ayurveda cosmetics and body care line, combines millenia-old knowledge, with the high proportion of Ayurvedic plant extracts. The ingredients nourish, refresh and stimulate. The individual plant constituents have a direct effect on the skin, and help it to maintain its own perfect balance.

Be Kind to Your Skin & Hair. Experience the Power of Nature.

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