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Stress Management

“Stress is uncontrolled speed of thoughts. Just let go.”

An Ayurvedic lifestyle begins with an understanding with one’s physical, mental and spiritual constitution . (To analyse and know your constitution visit ABOUT YOU.) This is the inherent balance of the three doshas (biological energies) determined at the moment of conception. Each person’s constitution defines their uniqueness. Ayurveda understands that nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone. Ayurveda is non-dogmatic. Each person’s path toward health and harmony are is unique. Ayurveda is the path of finding out what is right for the individual. This path includes learning to live harmoniously through each of the five senses.

Hence, through our Pancha Mahabhoot i.e, five element therapy including diet, aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound therapy, and touch therapy (massage), along with yoga and meditation; we slowly guide the patients back to living in harmony with their true nature. Success on this path takes time and patience but pays great rewards. Along the way, we utilize their vast knowledge of herbalism to support the process and alleviate suffering. Ayurvedic Stress reducing herbs are not only nervine sedatives but also improve intellectual capacity to deal with stress. It include herbs such as bramhi, jatamamsi, shankha pushpi, and thousands of others found throughout the world. More importantly, the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia includes an understanding of rasayanas or rejuvenatives. These special herbs build up the body's resistance to stress and increases its endurance. These herbs are especially beneficial to those who are highly sensitive to stress. These herbs include ashwagandha, bala, and amalaki and many others.

At Narayani Ayurveda, stress management programme is fortified by scientifically proven YOGA & MEDITATION practices like Cyclic Meditation, Mind Sound Resonating Practice and other advanced meditation techniques which are appreciated by modern medical science as well.

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